Curriculum Vitae

Laura J. Kuhlman
Curriculum Vitae

Department of English
University of Iowa
308 English-Philosophy Building
Iowa City, IA 52242


Ph.D. Candidate, University of Iowa, Anticipated Graduation Spring 2017
Department of English, 20th and 21st century American Literature

M.A. en passant, University of Iowa, 2014
English Literature

B.A., Ball State University, 2011
Summa cum laude, Honors College Graduate
Majors in English Literature and German, Minor in Creative Writing

Teaching Certificate, University of Iowa Center for the Book, Spring 2016


The Beat Goes On: Women of the Beat Generation. Anticipated Defense, May 2017

Director: Dr. Loren Glass
Committee:  Dr. Brooks Landon, Dr. Harry Stecopoulos, Dr. Linda Bolton, and Dr. Naomi Greyser


The Beat writers, including Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg, have often been portrayed as a band of alienated young men careening down the highway from coast to coast, fleeing a static, stable, and square domestic lifestyle. In my dissertation, I highlight instead the many women writers who hand-stitched Beat magazines in their living rooms, who took to the road with babies in their backseats, who left convents and material security in pursuit of spiritual quests, and who told the stories of their lives despite narratives that eclipsed them. The Beat Goes On: Women of the Beat Generation offers new ways to think about, read, and teach Beat writing by recasting the key themes of existing Beat scholarship. My research expands knowledge of women’s midcentury writing, and reveals crucial shifts in postwar gender conventions, attitudes toward domestic labor, and forms of female leadership.

Honors and Awards

University of Iowa
Ballard and Seashore Dissertation Fellowship, Spring 2017
Graduate College Post-Comprehensive Summer Fellowship, May 2015
English Department, Post-Comprehensive Exam Research Fellowship, Spring 2015

Ball State University
Presidential Scholarship, 2007-2011
Undergraduate Teaching Fellowship, 2008-2011
Knights of Columbus Scholarships, 2009, 2010
Golden Key Scholarship, 2009

Teaching Experience

University of Iowa
Interpretation of Literature Instructor, Department of English, 2014-2016
Rhetoric Instructor, Department of Rhetoric, 2012- 2014
Teaching Assistant, Department of English, 2011- 2012

Ball State University
Undergraduate Teaching Fellow, Department of History, 2008-2011

Teaching Interests 20th and 21st century American literature, gender studies, pedagogical theory, poetry, apocalyptic fiction, science fiction, book history, book studies, and book arts

Mentoring Experience

University of Iowa
Professional Development Program Co-Leader, Department of Rhetoric, Fall 2013

Ball State University
Peer Mentor Program, Honors College, Fall 2008, 2009, 2010

Graduate Advisory Council Member, Department of Rhetoric, 2012-2014

“Faulkner’s Corpse Bride: Revenging the Ravaged and Queering the Funeral.” Submitted and under review.

“The Literary Movement in the Living Room: Women Writing and Publishing ‘Beat,’” in progress.

“‘I HAVE GOT PLENTY OF NOTHING:’ Brenda Frazer’s Troia: Mexican Memoirs, Beat Motherhood, and the Poetics of Loss,” in progress.

Conference Papers
“The Literary Movement in the Living Room.” Presented paper. Post45 Graduate Student Symposium, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, February 2016.

“I Have Got Plenty of Nothing:” Brenda Frazer’s Troia: Mexican Memoirs, Beat Motherhood and the Poetics of Loss.” Presented paper. American Literature Association, May 2014.

“Same Beat, Different Song: Reading Hettie Jones and a Feminist Beat Aesthetic.” Presented paper. Jakobsen Conference, University of Iowa, April 2013.

“Hettie Jones and Bonnie Bremser: Beat Femininity Filling the Void of ‘Missing Men.’” Presented paper. Craft, Critique, and Culture Conference, University of Iowa, March 2013.

Modern Language Association
Beat Studies Association

Editorial Experience
Currently editing a novel for local author and poet Chuck Miller

Book Binding Exhibitions
Eye on Art Gallery, Handmade Journal and Book Show, Carmel, Indiana, October 2011
Gordy’s Fine Art and Framing, Downtown Muncie Arts Walk, Muncie, Indiana, October 2011

Technological Expertise
Trained to teach in TILE classrooms
Proficient in Adobe InDesign
Proficient in Adobe Illustrator

Fluent in German
Studying French

Loren Glass                                                                 Brooks Landon
Professor of English                                                  Professor of English
Department of English                                             Department of English
464 English-Philosophy Building                           376 English-Philosophy Building
Iowa City, IA, 52242                                                  Iowa City, IA, 52242
319-335-0446                                                              319-335-0641                                 

Harry Stecopoulos                                                      Naomi Greyser
Professor of English                                                   Professor of Rhetoric and English
Department of English                                               Department of Rhetoric
374 English-Philosophy Building                             172 English-Philosophy Building
Iowa City, IA, 52242                                                    Iowa City, IA, 52242
319-335-1260                                                                319-335-0183                 

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