Teaching Responsibilities

Classroom Teaching

Interpretation of Literature ENGL:1200 (University of Iowa, Fall 2014-Fall 2016)

This course, intended for second-year students and above, is designed to refine students’ reading, speaking, and writing skills to critically engage with and respond to literary texts. Students are called to see themselves as readers, and to consider the influence of individual differences between readers, such as gender, ethnicity, and social class, as well as personal experiences on the interpretation of texts, and to consider the relationship between individual texts and the broader social, cultural, political, and historical contexts that they inhabit. Each semester, I have focused my course around different themes, including “Love, Loss, and Time Travel” and “The End of the World as We Know It.” I have selected readings across all genres, and the historical scope of my reading lists has run from Shakespeare and Jane Austen to Octavia Butler and Junot Díaz. Teaching approximately 20-24 students each semester, I gave lectures, facilitated class discussions, organized group work, formulated assignments, evaluated student work, and tutored students individually in my office hours for this three credit hour course.

General Education Rhetoric 10:003 (University of Iowa, Fall 2012-Spring 2014)

This course is designed to improve first-year students’ skills in analytical reading, formal writing, and public speaking. My course focused on the study of controversial issues and the art of persuasion and argumentation. I was the instructor for approximately 18-20 students each semester. I gave lectures, facilitated class discussions, organized group work, formulated assignments, evaluated student work, and tutored students individually in my office hours. I had the sole responsibility for a four credit hour course. Teaching this course greatly affected my development as a teacher, in that I became more proficient in giving writing instruction and teaching public speaking. I also led students through process pedagogy, guiding students through a drafting process.

Summer Course, General Education Rhetoric 10:003 (University of Iowa, Summer 2013)

This course was an accelerated version of the semester-long General Education Rhetoric, in which I condensed the curriculum into an eight-week course. My responsibilities were identical to those required by the longer course.

Introduction to the English Major: Theory and Practice 008:005 (University of Iowa, Fall 2011-Spring 2012

This course was designed to give students a background in literary history and theory in their first year as English majors. I worked with my students on a historical survey of literature from Beowulf to Pynchon, and I introduced the theoretical concepts of gender theory, psychoanalysis, Marxist criticism, and postcolonialism. 200 students met for a lecture by the faculty instructor on Monday and Wednesday, and I was responsible for leading a discussion section for 26 students every Friday. I was responsible for teaching new course material and for reviewing what was covered in the lectures. I also had sole responsibility for grading students’ written work, and I held office hours to help students individually outside of class.


Professional Development Program Co-Leader (University of Iowa, Fall 2013)

The Professional Development Program is a sequence of classes that provides pedagogical instruction and training to new instructors in the Rhetoric department. Many of the instructors do not have prior teaching experience before teaching Rhetoric, and this sequence is designed to train them as they begin teaching Rhetoric and to provide a pedagogical framework for their future success as instructors. As a Co-Leader, I worked with another Co-Leader and a faculty mentor to guide first-year Rhetoric instructors through syllabus design, the crafting of major assignments and rubrics, and process materials. I also served as a mentor to help answer questions about teaching and to trouble-shoot any problems that arose over the course of the semester.

Honors College Peer Mentor Program (Ball State University, Fall 2008, 2009, 2010)

Through this program, I taught a nine-week course each fall for incoming Honors College first year students. This course was designed to introduce students to resources and skills that would help them succeed in the honors program. I led a group of ten students; my responsibilities included designing a syllabus, facilitating discussions, and organizing informational sessions for different resources. Another key aspect of my position was serving as a mentor, helping the students to transition to collegiate life. Outside of my course, I received pedagogical training in a seminar in the Honors College.

Instructional Roles

Undergraduate Teaching Fellowship Hist:150 (Ball State University, 2008-2011)

During my time as an Undergraduate Teaching Fellow, I served as an instructional aide in the History department. History 150 was a survey in world history and culture, spanning from the Pongid/Hominid split to the Enlightenment, which enrolled approximately 300 students. Throughout the course, I graded and proctored quizzes and exams, ran study sessions for students, and held office hours to help students with the material.

Gradership, Literary Readings Attendance 008:004 (University of Iowa, Spring 2012)

This course was designed to acquaint English majors with the works of currently publishing writers by their attendance at literary readings. I was responsible for grading the reading summaries and responses for 65 students.


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